vom 29.04.2021

NCT staff found new international journal

Dr Nektarios A. Valous (NCT Heidelberg, DKFZ), Dr Inka Zörnig (NCT Heidelberg, UKHD) and Dr Niels Halama (NCT Heidelberg, DKFZ) are founding editors of the journal "ImmunoInformatics".

ImmunoInformatics is a cross-disciplinary open access journal dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research in all aspects of immunoinformatics and computational immunology: from basic methodological approaches to translational applications for both academic and industrial researchers.
ImmunoInformatics is an international journal for publications at the interface between computer science, physics, mathematics and experimental immunology. The journal publishes peer-reviewed theoretical articles that provide a deeper understanding of the field, while covering practical aspects with contributions on advances and applications in clinical medicine.

The main goal of ImmunoInformatics is to foster exchange between practitioners and trainees in basic, translational, clinical and technical research and to reach a global authorship and readership.

ImmunoInformatics will waive the APC (article publishing fee) until 31 October 2021. This applies to all submissions received before this date and accepted for publication after peer review.

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Special focus on COVID-19 and computational immunology (call for papers):