NCT-Guide Program

Support during your first time at NCT

A cancer diagnosis is often experienced as a turning point in the life of those affected and their relatives. Patients are confronted with many questions, medical appointments are scheduled, treatments are planned and decisions are made. In this difficult time, it is important not to be alone. Therefore, guides will support patients free of charge.

Become a guide

At present, the guide program is looking for volunteers. It is a voluntary occupation that is integrated into the processes at the NCT. The pilot phase is supposed to begin in spring 2018.
As a guide you will support and accompany patients during their stay at NCT. You will be answering questions regarding processes and counseling services. The volunteers cooperate closely with these services and the medical staff. As a guide you should enjoy interacting with people, be open-mindend and have a flexible time schedule.

Information and Application

Anne Müller, Coordinator Guide Program
Phone: +49 6221 56-32835