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Significant Accomplishments

Practical Acchievements

  • EURAT Position Paper (Cornerstones for an ethically and legally informed practice of Whole Genome Sequencing: Code of Conduct and patient consent models)
  • Ethical framework for evaluating a patient's request for life-prolonging treatment
  • Guideline for advanced care planning and limiting treatment on changing and communicating the goal of care from curative to palliative (EPAL-Study, Lohfert Prize 2016 (20.000 €) for the project: Heußner P, Winkler EC. “Treatment limitation: improvement of shared decision-making with cancer patients“)
  • Ongoing Interdisciplinary seminar series about ethical conflicts in decision- making (in Collaboration with the Department of Hematology/Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Theology, Psychology)
  • Establishment of a working group “Medicine and Ethics” at the German Society for Hematology and Oncology

Selected Publications

  • Mehlis K, Winkler EC. „Ethische Analyse lebensverlängernder Behandlungen. Zum Schutz der Selbstbestimmung und zum Schutz vor Übertherapie“ Der Onkologe 2016; Online First, DOI 10.1007/s00761-016-0109-2
  • Eckrich F., Ose D., Baudendistel I., Szecsenyi J., Winkler E.C., „Medizinethische Implikationen für das Arzt-Patienten Verhältnis unter Einfluss einer elektronischen Patientenakte (EPA): Eine systematische Übersichtsarbeit“ , Ethik in der Medizin, 2016. 28(4): 295-310. 
  • Mehlis K., Winkler E.C., „Ethische Analyse lebensverlängernder Behandlungen“,  Der Onkologe, 2016. 22(11): 844-851.  
  • Fleischer H., Schickhardt C., Taupitz J., Winkler E.C., „Das Recht von Patienten und Probanden auf Herausgabe ihrer genetischen Rohdaten. Eine rechtliche und ethische Analyse samt einer Empfehlung für die  Praxis“,  Medizinrecht, 2016. 34(7): 481-491. 
  • Wiemann S., Winkler E.C., „Findings made in gene panel to whole genome sequencing: data, knowledge, ethics – and consequences?”, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics,  2016. 16(12): 1259-1270.
  • Schuol S., Schickhardt C., Wiemann S., Bartram C.R., Tanner K., Eils R., Meder B., Richter D., Glimm H., v. Kalle C., Winkler E.C., „So rare we need to hunt for them. Reframing the ethical debate on incidental findings”, Genome Medicine, 2015. 7(1): 83.    
  • Pfeil T.A., Laryionava K., Reiter-Theil S., Hiddemann W., Winkler E.C., „What keeps oncologists from addressing palliative care early on with incurable cancer patients? – An active stance seems to be key”,  The Oncologist, 2015. 20(1): 56-61.
  • Laryionava K., Heußner P., Hiddemann W., Winkler E.C., „Framework for timing of the discussion about forgoing cancer-specific treatment based on a qualitative study with oncologists”, Supportive Care in Cancer, 2015. 23(3): 715-721.         
  • Husedzinovic A., Ose D., Schickhardt C., Fröhling S., Winkler E.C., „Stakeholders’ perspectives on biobank-based genomic research: Systematic review of the literature” , European Journal of Human Genetics, 2015. 23(12): 1607-1614.
  • Winkler E.C., Ose D., Glimm H., Tanner K., von Kalle C., ”Personalized Medicine and Informed Consent: Clinical and ethical considerations for a best practice guideline for biobank based Whole Genome Research in Oncology.” Ethik in der Medizin 2013, Vol 25, 169-172.
  • Krause S.W., Schildmann J., Lotze Ch., Winkler E.C., "Rationing Cancer Care: A Survey Among the Members of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology" J NatlComprCancNetw 2013;11:658-665.
  • Winkler E.C., Hiddmann W., Marckmann G., „ Evaluating a patient’s request for life-prolonging treatment: An ethical decision aid“ Lancet Oncology August 2011, Vol 11, 720-22.
  • Winkler E.C., Reiter-Theil S., Lange-Rieß D., Schmal-Menges N., Hiddemann W., “Patient involvement in decisions to limit treatment: the crucial role of agreement between physician and patient.”,  J ClinOncol 2009 (27) :2225-2230.


  • German CancerAid - Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V.
  • German Ministryfor Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
  • Early Clinical development Research (DKFZ)
  • Marsilius-Kolleg (Initiative of Excellence)

Honors and Awards

  • Lohfert Prize 2016 (20.000 €) for the EPAL-project: Heußner P, Winkler EC. “Treatment limitation: improvement of shared decision-making with cancer patients“

  • Best Poster Award: Laryionava K, Sklenarova H, Heußner P, Hartmann M, Winkler EC. “Decision Making in Oncology at the End of Life: Patient’s Preferences for Quality or Length of Life.” Ethics and Evidence in end-of-life decision making - Interdisciplinary Perspectives. 3. -4. April 2014, Bochum, Deutschland

  • Roche Faculty Award (10.000 SFR) for the best dissertation 2010, University of Basel, Switzerland: Winkler EC. “Challenges at the End of Life: Involving Patients and Family Members in Decisions Concerning the Determination of Medical Care”