Integrative oncology

Many patients would like more attention to be paid to complementary methods during their treatment. Scientific studies show positive effects for some of these procedures with regard to quality of life and improvement of symptoms. These include yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy and some herbal medicines.

However, some of the procedures also entail risks. For example, there are interactions between chemotherapeutic agents and herbal medicines or dietary supplements. Ignorance in the selection of the appropriate procedures can thus become a risk factor and impair the success of the therapy.

The counseling service is available by appointment.

Telefon: 06221 56-32057
E-Mail: integrative-onkologie@med.uni-heidelberg.de


We offer you as a patient scientifically based, qualified advice on complementary care and medicine. Furthermore, we show you ways to alleviate side effects during therapy and to maintain the best possible quality of life with the help of complementary naturopathic measures. A special feature of our counseling services is the interprofessional approach. The consultations are conducted by a specially trained team consisting of a nursing expert and a medical specialist. If necessary, the consultations can be supplemented by complementary external applications.

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What do we mean by integrative oncology?

We base our consultations on the consultation concept developed as part of the CCC-integrative study. By complementary medicine and care (KMP) we mean:

Procedures and substances of classical naturopathy:

  • Phytotherapy, e.g. mistletoe therapy and aromatherapy
  • Order therapy, e.g. relaxation methods
  • Nutritional therapy, e.g. building up a healthy lifestyle
  • Exercise therapy, e.g. improvement of physical fitness
  • Hydrotherapy, e.g. alternating Kneipp water jets and compresses


Procedures from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as acupressure and acupuncture

External applications:

  • Overlays, e.g. oil compresses, quark overlays
  • compresses
  • rubs
  •  Which dietary supplements may I take under my current therapy?
  •  Are there any interactions to consider when taking dietary supplements with my therapy?
  •  How should I eat during therapy?
  •  How should I behave during and after therapy?
  •  Can I be active in sports? Should I be active in sports?
  •  How do I cope with possible side effects (fatigue, anxiety, diarrhoea, dry mouth, sleep disorders, nausea, polyneuropathy...)?
  •   Where can I find competent contact persons?

The consulting service is currently not regularly covered by the statutory health insurance. Should you incur any costs, we will inform you of this before you make use of the service. If you would like to support our work, you are welcome to make a donation to the NCT.

Team integrative Oncology (from left to right):
Marion Krüger (Specialist Nurse), Susann Eismann (Specialist Nurse), Antje Pirch (Specialist Nurse), Dr. Barbara Grün (Specialist in internal medicine and hematology and oncology), Dr. Mirjam Krug (Specialist in general medicine).