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News from the fundraising team

NCT "Takte gegen Krebs" 2020: House Concerts

Two cellists at Takte gegen Krebs 2020


Takte gegen Krebs turned into Takte gegen Krebs: House Concerts. Thousands of supporters enjoyed our festive concerts, which were played on location at our founding institutions and livestreamed on our social media accounts. The grand finale consisted of a concert evening at the NCT Heidelberg with a special guest.

We started off with two smaller concerts at our founding institutions (German Cancer Research Center and University Hospital Heidelberg) on December 9 and 10, which were filled with festive sounds with the support of the Collegium Musicum of Heidelberg University.

The grand finale consisted of a concert evening at the NCT Heidelberg on December 11, with Ksenija Fedosenko and Caroline Werkle (cello), University Music Director Michael Sekulla (piano), and Kathrin Christians (flute) offering to the audience an early Christmas present. Further contributions came from many musicians of the Collegium Musicum who were unable attend on location, but who were nevertheless part of the (virtual) concert. The concerts were presented by Mirko Spohn.

For the first time, anyone interested could attend our Takte gegen Krebs concerts – free of charge via live streams on our social media channels, and comfortably from their own home. Check out the recordings here.


Climbing the hills for cancer research: personal fundraising campaigns by NCT Heidelberg employees


Usually, Reinhard Liebers works with his colleagues to coordinate all scientific and clinical processes at the NCT Heidelberg. Constantin Pixberg is a medical doctor and scientist of medicinal oncology at the NCT. This summer, however, they rose to a spectacular challenge during their time off: They were determined to raise donations for the NCT on their bikes.

Constantin Pixberg on his bike

Reinhard Liebers was determined to ride the altitude difference of Mount Everest, 8,848 meters, in one continuous bike ride over the course of one day. He reached his athletic goal on Saturday, July 18, and was rewarded by his numerous supporters with a total sum of 4,260 € in donations towards the NCT Heidelberg.

Constantin Pixberg went above and beyond too: he especially supported "the research and implementation of individualised therapies for patients who were diagnosed with incurable breast cancer" and on August 15 rode a total altitude difference of 9,151 meters. With this achievement, he continues to collect funds until the end of the year.

Heroes of Heidelberg: the virtual NCT Run 2020

Dr. Friederike Fellenberg and Andreas Klein of NCT Heidelberg


This year, the charity run organised by the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg could not take place in its usual form – instead, a virtual run was organised, which is now portrayed in the celebratory anthology "Heidelberger Helden" ("Heroes of Heidelberg").

Since the beginning of the year, our society has been subjected to an extraordinary endurance test by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless – and because of it – these are times of notable solidarity and readiness to help others.

The regional photo and interview project "Heidelberger Helden" ("Heroes of Heidelberg") is dedicated to people who displayed optimism and determination throughout this crisis, who demonstrated "solidarity, altruism, and responsibility". Their faces and stories are collected in this anthology which includes 108 portraits, greetings, and scientific guest contributions. NCT Heidelberg and its virtual charity run are part of this project. All proceeds support charitable and social organisations in Heidelberg.

Virtual NCT Run: three times around the world for cancer research


The weekend of June 26 to 28 saw 8,976 runners taking a stand in the fight against cancer in the charity run of the NCT Heidelberg.

Team of the Neumayer III Station in the Antarctic

The virtual NCT Run was an international one, with people making athletic contributions in all seven continents. Participants ran a total of about 120,000 kilometers. Sponsors SAP and Prominent as well as supporters, the Klaus Tschira Stiftung and Affimed, made additional donations of more than 40,000 Euros based on the distance ran by participants. Together with numerous donations and fundraising campaigns, a total of about 75,000 Euros were raised towards cancer research at NCT Heidelberg.