Data Solutions and Analyses

Patient data integration and analysis at NCT – everything relevant at one place

In collaboration with activities in the Heidelberg Center for Personalized Oncology (HIPO), the NCT Applied Bioinformatics Group offers analysis of NGS data and large scale array data. They develop a bioinformatics and systems medicine extension supporting the currently implemented NCT POP workflow to enhance the understanding of individual mutation patterns and their implications for rational choice of therapeutics based on a mechanistic understanding of cancer. A better understanding of the functional impact and secondary changes in relevant regulatory networks will allow generating a rationale for targeted therapies. Importantly, the prediction of essential pathways or signaling nodes that may serve as novel therapeutic targets will require integration of broad data sets from sequencing, functional genomics studies and clinically derived data.

To provide these datasets in a controlled yet highly usable manner, NCT – in collaboration with SAP – has established a data warehouse (NCT DataThereHouse) integrating data from diverse sources such as the Heidelberg Hospital Information System, NCT Cancer Registry, NCT Biobank, and various scientific research databasesincluding high-throughput sequencing data from DKFZ-HIPO. Through so-called „In-Memory Computing“, which allows for real time data processing, heterogenous data is quickly accessible for multiple analyses. The concept entails search abilities for all data points with field-by-field integrity and access management. A self-developed Data Integration Suite provides functionalities for validation, standardization and transformation of clinical and scientific data and for anonymization / pseudonymization.