NCT DataThereHouse

The DataThereHouse IT project, developed by SAP and the DKFZ Division “Medical Informatics for Translational Oncology”, supports digitalization in medicine and thus enables advances in personalized oncology.

Today's medical success is based more than ever on powerful IT infrastructures that enable the structuring, integration and analysis of a large number of medical and scientific data records. With the NCT DataThereHouse, the NCT has a scientific database that can accelerate processes in the development of innovative diagnostic methods based on findings from cancer research. In addition, the digitalization of data enables the implementation of new therapies and the prevention of cancer and helps to offer them in clinical trials.

The NCT DataThereHouse is a database for clinical and scientific purposes, which can also process complex inquiries at high speed. In addition to clinical data from patients at the NCT Heidelberg and information on biological samples from the NCT Tissue Bank, the platform now also integrates molecular findings from the DKFZ, which contain information on clinically relevant genetic profiles of patient tumors. In addition, the platform is continuously expanded by the inclusion of datasets and bio samples from other locations and (international) partners. These include, for example, individual study databases, the screening database of the NCT counseling services, records from the Athens Comprehensive Cancer Center (ACCC), and databases from other clinics and universities.

As an application platform, the NCT DataThereHouse enables medical professionals to perform independent group-specific analyzes and to examine and filter data using intuitive analysis tools, thereby enabling a quick overview of the information collected from a patient. Comparing information about similar patients available on the platform, current research, or clinical trials helps physicians diagnose, develop a personalized therapy approach, or find clinical trials that a particular patient might be suitable for.

A specifically developed and tailor-made security and pseudonymization concept is integrated into the platform. Through constant updates of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, this concept fully meets the ethical requirements for the pseudonymization and anonymization of the data. As a result, the database can also be used for research purposes and supports scientists in discovering new diagnostic and therapeutic options that can benefit patients.

Due to the rapid increase in available data and the constant development of methods for data analysis, such powerful IT infrastructures in medicine will become more important in the future. The NCT DataThereHouse increases the value of the data through integration and connection and thus represents a tool for oncologists with which they can achieve the best for their patients.