NCT Research

NCT Clinical Cancer Program in Multiple Myeloma


The Heidelberg Myeloma Program is an internationally renowned program (>6000 outpatient contacts, 169 hematopoietic stem cell transplantations in 2012). It coordinates the largest multiple myeloma study group in Germany (GMMG), which conducts international phase I-III clinical trials (Sonneveld J Clin Oncol 2012; Neben Blood 2012). Translational research projects focus on molecular risk factors (Weinhold Nature Genet 2013; Andrulis Cancer Discov 2013) and modern imaging (Hillengaß Leukemia 2013).


Scientific Goals

  • Design and conduct international multicenter clinical trials that improve high-dose therapy and new compounds that personalize myeloma treatment.
  • Development of prognostic markers to define and monitor high-risk smoldering myeloma.
  • Use novel imaging technology (DWI) to monitor bone marrow involvement and biology.

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