OÄ PD Dr. med. Jessica C. Hassel


Getting rid of immune suppressors ...


and helping the immune system to fight melanoma.

NCT Clinical Cancer Program - Melanoma


Our group/department has:

  • Clinical Research: In the last years we established a very well organized clinical trial center with 3 subinvestigators and 2 study nurses and were top-recruiters world-wide in different multi-center trials (figure 3). 2 sponsor-audits in 2011 and 2012 gave best marks to the conduction of trials in our center. In addition we started 2 Investigator-initiated trials, namely CTLA-4/Ny-Eso-1 (PI Prof. Jäger) and TaMe (PI Dr. Hassel).
  • Preclinical Research: The preclinical work has discovered novel suppressive means of different leukocyte subpopulations. For instance adenosine has been identified as a major immune suppressor released in skin and during tumor development. Novel antibody targeting approaches have been tested in animal models leading to a more thorough understanding as to how the balance between tolerogenic and immunogenic cells and signals work in vivo. The different approaches of anti-Melanoma therapy investigated in the lab are outlined in figure 4.
  • The importance of the skin not just as a physical barrier is further underlined by a recent attempt to establish a new SFB-TRR with the title “The skin as sensor and effector organ for local and systemic immune responses”. Under guidance of Prof. Enk and the Department of Dermatology, the University-Hospitals of Mainz, Tübingen and Heidelberg join forces to decipher the function of the skin for Immunity. This initiative passed the initial review.

2010 – 2013

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