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Appropriate treatment...


of head and neck cancer remains a challange

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery


Our group/department has:

  • Unraveled specific alterations in the DNA methylome of HPV-positive oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma and identified a gene promoter methylation pattern with strong prognostic power (Kostareli et al. J Clin Invest 2013)
  • Contributed in the development of a new strategy for targeted and armed chemovirotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (Zaoui et al. Cancer Gene Ther 2012
  • Applied bioinformatics approaches to identify signaling pathways that are implicated in the response of tumor cells to arsenic trioxide (Sertel et al., PLoS One 2012)
  • Developed an orthotopic floor-of-mouth mouse tumor model for oral cancer recurrence after surgery and identified several relevant candidate genes by transcriptome analysis (Behren et al. Int J Oncol 2010; Acuna-Sanhueza et al. BMC Cancer 2012, Koffler et al., 2013 Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol)
  • Established a Section for Experimental and Translational Head and Neck Oncology with a focus on basic cancer research and clinical oncology.

2010 – 2013

  • Kostareli E, Holzinger D, Bogatyrova O, Hielscher T, Wichmann G, Keck M, Lahrmann B, Grabe N, Flechtenmacher C, Schmidt CR, Seiwert T, Dyckhoff G, Dietz A, Hofler D, Pawlita M, Benner A, Bosch FX, Plinkert PK, Plass C, Weichenhan D, Hess J (2013). HPV-related methylation signature predicts survival in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas. J Clin Invest 123(6): 2488-2501.
  • Zaoui K, Bossow S, Grossardt C, Leber MF, Springfeld C, Plinkert PK, Kalle C, Ungerechts G (2012). Chemovirotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma with EGFR-targeted and CD/UPRT-armed oncolytic measles virus. Cancer Gene Ther 19(3): 181-191.
  • Sertel S, Tome M, Briehl MM, Bauer J, Hock K, Plinkert PK, Efferth T (2012) Factors determining sensitivity and resistance of tumor cells to arsenic trioxide. PLoS One 7(5):e35584.
  • Simon C, Bulut C, Federspil PA, Münter MW, Lindel K, Bergmann Z, Sertel S, Leitzbach S, Plinkert PK (2011). Assessment of peri- and postoperative complications and Karnofsky-performance status in head and neck cancer patients after radiation or chemoradiation that underwent surgery with regional or free-flap reconstruction for salvage, palliation, or to improve function. Radiat Oncol 6:109.
  • Behren A, Kamenisch Y, Muehlen S, Flechtenmacher C, Haberkorn U, Hilber H, Myers JN, Bergmann Z, Plinkert PK, Simon C (2010). Development of an oral cancer recurrence mouse model after surgical resection. Int J Oncol 36(4):849-55.
  • International research project focusing on integrative analysis of molecular and cellular mechanisms of treatment failure and tumor recurrence of head and neck cancer patients after surgery supported by SNF/DFG (since 2013).
  • Prospective study to elucidate molecular mechanisms of treatment failure in advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HIPO-POP-019)
    Excellence Cluster for Head and Neck Oncology, funded by the Dietmar Hopp Foundation (2009-2011).
  • Alexander-Karl Award 2011 of the Foundation Tumorforschung Kopf-Hals e.v. to Jochen Hess