NCT Research

NCT Clinical Discovery Program

NCT’s programmatic effort in clinical research is concentrated in entities with particular clinical expertise and research impetus in Heidelberg, demonstrating significant trial activities and / or overseeing large patient cohorts. Within NCT’s Clinical Cancer Programs, DKFZ, and HUMS groups synergize and expand basic research, preclinical, translational, and clinical activities towards innovative clinical trials and the unifying theme of precision oncology.

NCT Clinical Discovery

The programs organize interdisciplinary patient care and form disease-oriented coordinated research programs that use campus-wide high-quality scientific and technical platforms to advance the clinical translation of basic research into clinical application. NCT’s Clinical Cancer Programs demonstrate significant trial activities and oversee large patient cohorts). More than 300 diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive clinical trials, including 70 Heidelberg-driven IITs, were developed and conducted in 2010–2012.

(1) MEK inhibition in BRAF-mutated melanoma (Flaherty N Engl J Med 2012), (2) decoy receptor in Crohn’s disease (Funke Gut 2011), (3) information processing at the epo receptor (Becker Science 2010), (4) molecular risk factors in multiple myeloma (Weinhold Nature Genet 2013), (5) tumor-initiating cells in human colon cancer (Dieter Cell Stem Cell 2011), (6) kinase codependencies in genetically defined AML(Faber J Clin Invest 2013); BRAF inhibition in refractory hairy-cell leukemia (Dietrich N Engl J Med 2012), (7) circulating metastasis-initiating breast cancer cells (Baccelli Nat Biotechnol 2013), (8) colorectal cancer screening (Brenner JNCI 2010; Brenner Ann Intern Med 2011/2012; Brenner J Clin Oncol 2011/2012; Brenner Gut 2011), (9) characterization of microsatellite-unstable colorectal cancers (Kloor Lancet Oncol 2012), (10) tumour-promoting ligand of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor (Opitz Nature 2011), (11) IDH1 codon 132 mutation in brain tumors (Balss Acta Neuropathol 2008) (12) the NOA-08 phase III chemotherapy versus radiotherapy for malignant astrocytoma (Wick Lancet Oncol 2012), (14) development of diagnostic tests (Capper Acta Neuropathol 2013; Wiestler Acta Neuropathol 2013; Wick Neurology 2013; Sahm Blood 2012), and (15) cell proliferation through amino acid catabolism in gliomas (Tönjes Nat Med 2013).