NCT Research

Clinical Cancer Research Program in Pancreatic Cancer


The HUMS surgical department is one of the largest pancreatic cancer centers in the world (718 pancreatic resections in 2012). Core research areas of the program include surgery (Diener Lancet 2011) adjuvant therapy (Neoptolemos JAMA 2010; Schmidt JCO 2012; Neoptolemos JAMA 2012) and molecular disease mechanisms (Rausch Cancer Research 2010). The BMBF-funded PANC-STRAT consortium aims to decipher mechanisms of pancreatic cancerogenesis and develop individualized early clinical trials. Innovative immunotherapy is developed by the K.H. Bauer Professorship (R. Offringa), the Department of Surgery (Schmitz-Winnenthal, Niethammer BMC Cancer 2012), and NCT Medical Oncology (Halama, Jäger; Gnjatic PNAS 2010). The role of heavy ion therapy will be analyzed in the Prometheus trial (Combs BMC Cancer 2013).

CCRP Pancreatic Cancer

Scientific Goals

  • Stratification of surgical, adjuvant, and systemic therapy (PANC-STRAT-Consortium).
  • Understand the role of the immune system and develop immunotherapy.
  • Development of radiotherapy, including heavy ion therapy.
  • Targeting of clonal dynamics in human pancreatic cancer.

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