NCT Research

Clinical Cancer Research Program in Genitourinary Tumors


Clinical and translational research activities focus on first-in-man trials, MRI-guided transurethral ultrasound therapy of prostate cancer, the DKH approved risk-adapted PSA screening trial (Probase; Arsov Eur Urol 2013), PSMA ligand-based PET imaging and a new platform for transperineal MRI-targeted TRUS fusion-guided biopsy (Afshar-Oromieh Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2013; Hadaschik J Urol 2011; Kuru J Urol 2013; Moore Eur Urol 2013; Roethke Eur Urol 2013). Molecular biomarker research projects are conducted in collaboration with DKFZ and HUMS (Brase Int J Cancer 2011; Cuevas Cancer Res 2013; Weischenfeldt Cancer Cell 2013; Weissinger Mol Cancer 2013). DKFZ coordinates the ICGC prostate cancer project and NCT POP provides high-throughput analysis for clinical projects in urooncology. The combined goal is to use predictive biomarkers, focal therapy, imaging, and MRI-targeted biopsy for improved treatment of patients with urogenital cancers.

CCRP Urological Tumors
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