NCT HEIDELBERG 8 We recommend Check your weight regularly and ask for advice from our nutritional therapists at an early stage We will be happy to put you in contact with our team of nutritional therapists Please seek help Nutrition 06221 56 37229 ernaehrungstherapie nct heidelberg de The assumption that so called cancer diets have a positive impact on the course of the disease have not been proven and lack any scientific basis Excretions Cytostatic agents are excreted via the kidneys In order to support your renal function it is important that you drink enough fluids Some cytostatic drugs contain dyes which cause the urine to change color e g to turn red during administration of the infusion and up to 96 hours afterwards Another common side effect of tumor treatment is diarrhea Diarrhea can cause severe dehydration and nutrient deficiency Please inform us about any changes in your stools so that we can advise you in time and provide therapeutic help This also applies if you should become constipated Very small quantities of cytostatic agents are also excreted via the skin We recommend Make sure to drink at least 1 5 liters of fluids per day Prolonged skin contact with feces or urine for example when using incontinence pads is to be avoided Please make sure to change the pads regularly If you experience increased perspiration please use your own towels Changes to the mucous membranes Mucous membranes are present in the area of the eyes nose and respiratory tract as well as the mouth the entire digestive tract the urinary tract and in the genital area Due to rapid cell division mucous membranes are particularly susceptible to damage from cytostatic agents and will become inflamed Any additional irritation or injury will have a further negative impact A reduced immune response may result in an infection of the mucous membranes A reduced nutritional status and vitamin deficiency also increase the vulnerability of your mucous membranes We recommend Ensure to practice gentle but effective oral hygiene Include your tongue if possible Use a soft toothbrush and chew sugar free gum to clean your teeth and improve salivation Do not use den tal floss or interdental brushes Rinse your mouth after each meal with camomile or sage tea Add 300 ml of hot water to 2 teaspoons of camomile or sage cover and leave to infuse for 3 minutes before straining If you prefer to use tea bags use medicinal tea from the pharmacy Sage tea is not recommended for people with epilepsy

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