6What you should know about your tumor treatment You will soon receive a tumor treatment which may cause various side effects that cannot always be avoided Chemotherapeutic agents affect all body cells and especially rapidly dividing cells resulting in the most common side effects The measures recommended by our health care professionals are able to reduce the side effects and at best may even avoid them altogether Please inform us if these measures should not be sufficient and if side effects still occur or worsen Self medication at this stage is not recommen ded We are able to offer various adjuvant drugs and naturopathic medical care products to relieve any discomfort Beside the general side effects each chemothe rapeutic agent has specific side effects according to their active ingredients which you should be familiar with Your doctor will explain this in de tail before you start your tumor treatment Occurrence and intensity of side effects varies greatly from patient to patient One single per son will never be affected by all the potential side effects described A total absence of side ef fects is not an indicator for the effectiveness of the treatment Additional information is available from us and from the Cancer Information Service Krebs informationsdienst KID Please go to www krebsinformationsdienst de call 0800 420 30 40 for landline calls within Germany only or send an email to krebsinformationsdienst dkfz de

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