4The National Center for Tumor Diseases NCT NCT Im Neuenheimer Feld 460 69120 Heidelberg Germany www nct heidelberg de en Located on the ground floor Pforte Information 49 0 6221 56 5701 Tagesklinik 1 day care clinic 1 49 0 6221 56 6469 Leitstelle A Coordination Office Medical Oncology 49 0 6221 56 8819 Leitstelle B Coordination Office Radiological Outpatient Clinic 49 0 6221 56 7611 Located on the First Floor Tagesklinik 2 day care clinic 2 49 0 6221 56 7348 Leitstelle C Coordination Office Dermatology 49 0 6221 56 8562 Leitstelle C Coordination Office Neurooncology 49 0 6221 56 6086 Leitstelle D Coordination Office Gynecology 49 0 6221 56 7980 Cafeteria Opening hours 8 00 am 4 00 pm Patients receiving ambulatory as well as inpati ent treatment will receive a voucher which they may use at the NCT Cafeteria 2nd floor Here you will find several conference rooms whe re the tumor boards are held as well as our gym The 2nd and 3rd floor also accommodate various administrative areas Routes and Parking The NCT is located in the Neuenheimer Feld in very close proximity to Heidelberg University Hospital Please use the bus stop Studenten wohnheim for the RNV Bus lines 31 and 32 Via level 99 the individual buildings are connec ted by walkways At the back of this brochure you will find a map Parking in the Hospital grounds is subject to a parking fee Up to 30 minutes free parking Subsequent fee 1 40 per hour Max fee per day 7 Multi day tickets are available from the Leit und Informationszentrum LIZ building number 165 opposite the Medizinische Klinik at a reduced price Book of 5 tickets 30 Book of 10 tickets 60 Long term patients and their families may also apply for a parking license Information is avai lable from the LIZ Leit und Informationszent rum The day care clinics Appointments The scheduling of appointments at our day care clinics is done in accordance with logistical factors such as the number of patients duration of treatment and other organizational proces ses We will always try to take your requests into account but we may not always be able to offer you the perfect time If for any reason you are unable to keep an appointment please contact the patient reception in advance We will always attempt to keep your stay at the day care clinics as short as possible However new findings and diagnoses or symptoms as well as unforeseen circumstances may cause delays Please take this into account when you are plan ning your treatment day Accompanying persons You may bring one person to accompany you when you receive your treatment Please note however that due to the increased risk of infec tion for patients persons under the age of 16 are not permitted in the day care clinics For questions regarding travel reimbursement from your health insurance e g for taxi fares please contact the NCT Social Services by phone 49 0 6221 56 4477 or email sozialarbeit nct heidelberg de Mobile phones The use of mobile phones in the day care clinics is generally permitted Out of consideration for other patients we would like to ask you to turn down your ring tone and to talk quietly when on the phone

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