13NCT HEIDELBERG Symptoms you must report Please call us and report immediately if you experience any of the listed symptoms marked in red Outside of the opening hours of the NCT at night time or weekends please contact the emergency room at Heidelberg University Hospital Medizinische Klinik Department of Hematology Oncology and Rheumatology 49 0 6221 56 8611 Frauenklinik Department of General Gynecology and Obstetrics Hautklinik Skin Tumor Center 49 0 6221 56 4002 Kopfklinik Center of Neurooncology 49 0 6221 56 6999 Symptoms which you should report to your treatment team at the NCT at your next appointment are listed in black Fever 38 C Lung Shortness of breath respiratory distress Painful breathing Coughing Signs of a cold Bladder Spasms of the bladder Pain while passing urine Blood in the urine Very dark urine Malodorous urine Small urine portions Nerves Tingling in hands fingers or feet Numb feeling Gastrointestinal tract Abdominal pain Diarrhea 6x day or severe abdominal cramps Vomiting 5x day Stomach burns Difficulty swallowing Skin Fissures or cracks in the skin Widespread reddening or skin rash Blisters Purulent pimples or blemishes Water retention Swollen arms or legs Mucous membranes Lesions of the mouth Burning Coating that cannot be rinsed off Dry mouth

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