NCT HEIDELBERG 12 Good to know Self medication Some medications even if they contain seemingly harmless herbal substances may severely affect the effectiveness of a tumor treatment and its side effects This includes Drugs you may have in your medicine cabinet at home such as pain killers or sleeping pills So called natural herbal remedies such as St John s wort grapefruit echinacea ad gingko Drugs you may be taking for another condition such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes Make sure to inform your treatment team about any self medication straight away at the beginning of your tumor treatment and again if any changes occur The correct dosage Most tumor therapies are precisely adjusted to the individual patient The right dosage should guarantee the best possible therapeutic success The dosage is adjusted according to your body surface in m2 which is calculated by your height and your body weight We therefore need to know your exact body height at the onset of your treatment As your body weight may change we will need to know your exact current body weight on the morning of each treatment day If your weight has changed significantly an adjustment of the dosage may be necessary Port catheter For the safe administration of cytostatic medication we generally recommend a port catheter Administration of cytostatic medication via a peripheral intravenous catheter Braunüle can cause vascular irritations and inflammation and even lasting damage Please ask us for information regarding the most suitable administration of your therapy Dental treatment We recommend that you inform your dentist about your upcoming cancer treatment If you are about to undergo any major dental treatment you should inform us This includes teeth extrac tions root canal treatments and the placement of implants In some of these cases the therapy may have to be interrupted in order to avoid delayed wound healing or severe infections Delayed adverse reactions DARs Some adverse reactions occur weeks or even years after the cancer treatment has been completed If you consult a doctor with any complaints you should always report your cancer treatment even if your therapy took place years before

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