11NCT HEIDELBERG Please seek help Psycho oncology 06221 56 4727 psychoonkologie nct heidelberg de Physical Activity and Cancer 06221 56 5918 krebssport nct heidelberg de We recommend Try to find equilibrium between phases of physical activity and rest Sleep does not necessarily revive you Try to avoid long phases of sleep with intense deep sleep phases during the day Incorporate light physical activities into your daily routine Remain within the limits of your personal capability Regular walks in the fresh air provide oxygen and generate energy Light exercise such as walking swimming or cycling can reduce fatigue Take it easy Do not expect the same outstanding performance that you may have been capable of before the illness Blood count Drug treatment for tumors can change the blood count in the bone marrow This includes Reduced white blood cells leucocytes increasing the risk of infection Reduced red blood cells erythrocytes equivalent with anemia Anemia can cause frequent fatigue and exhaustion Reduced blood platelets thrombocytes causing an increased bleeding tendency You cannot influence your blood count by behavioral measures Your physician will initiate measures or formulate courses of action Risk of infection As mentioned above during chemotherapy a reduced production of white blood cells leucopenia may occur As a result you may be at an increased risk of infection A first indicator of an infection can be a raised temperature or fever If your body temperature rises above 38 C or if you experience chills or shivers you should immediately contact your treatment team see also Symptoms you must report In the majority of cases we will ask you to come to the clinic for a diagnosis and treatment as in the worst lead to a life threatening situation

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