Heidelberg University Hospital

Health care, research and teaching of international standing

Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the most important medical centers in Germany; Heidelberg University's Medical Faculty is one of Europe's most prestigious biomedical research facilities. Their shared objective is the development of innovative diagnostics and treatments and their prompt implementation for the benefit of the patient.

The hospital and faculty employ approximately 13.000 individuals and are involved in training and qualification. Every year approximately 65.000 patients are treated as inpatients and 56.000 patients as day patients in more than 50 specialized clinical departments with about 2.000 beds, with more than 1 million patients being treated as outpatients.

Jointly with the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg University Hospital has established the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg, the leading oncological center of excellence. The Heidelberg Curriculum Medicinale (HeiCuMed) is at the forefront of medical training in Germany. At present approximately 37.00 prospective physicians are studying in Heidelberg.