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‘RUNning against cancer – how far would you go?’ Registration for the 6th NCT charity run starts on July 7

6th NCT run on July 7 at 6:00 pm / Three courses available / Arrival and departure by bus and train free of costs / New participation record is expected

To be physically active, to get involved with innovative research projects and to set a sign against cancer – in three respects the 6th charity run of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg on July 7 is a good thing. For the charity run, which ranks among one of the biggest of the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar, around 4,000 runners are expected. The proceeds of the charity run will be donated to cancer research projects of the NCT Heidelberg. As of now interested persons can book their starting places. New this year: the organizers offer three different courses and this year’s start numbers entitle to use the public transport of the VRN transport association for free.
The NCT is a joint institution of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe).

Those who would like to take part in the 6th NCT charity run can as of now register as individual runner or in a group for one of the three courses. Start and finish is the NCT Heidelberg in the ‘Neuenheimer Feld’. Like in the previous years there is a 2.7 kilometers long round course around the hospital area. This course can be completed any numbers of times depending on desire and endurance. For the second time the NCT also offers a half-marathon. The 21 kilometers course runs mainly on agricultural roads towards Ladenburg, across the Schwabenheimer Hof and along the Neckar back to the NCT. New this year is the eleven kilometers round course through the fields of Neuenheim. It runs parallel to the half-marathon towards Ladenburg. Near the Dossenheimer sluice is the turning point. Then it runs along the Neckar back to the NCT.

For all courses there is an electronical time measurement and for the 2.7 kilometers run a round counting. At the supply stations along the three courses the participants can strengthen themselves with beverages. Students of the Academy of Health Professions offer after the run free massages for the tired muscles. From 6:45 pm the band The Wright Thing provides entertainment. With international and vegetarian delicacies as well as refreshing beverages the runners and fans can finally relax.

The starting fees will be given as a donation directly to the NCT Heidelberg and will be used for innovative research projects. In this year the runners are moreover invited to start their own fundraising for the NCT and to collect together with friends and acquaintances. More information can be found following this link to the NCT website: www.spendenaktion.nct-lauf.de

Professor Christof von Kalle, Managing Director of the NCT: ‚We are pleased about each single participant. Regardless of whether they are pupils, patients, relatives, employees or long distance specialist, we invite everybody to make their personal contribution against cancer. Whether one round around the NCT or the half-marathon, everyone feels in this extraordinary atmosphere of our run, that he is part of a good thing.’ Those who like can share their personal motivation with the others. Also in this year the NCT collects ‘reasons for which I run’. Send your own motivations for the run via email to web@nct-heidelberg.de or you can post on the facebook page of the NCT.

Encouragement receives the NCT run also from the politics. The Minister of Science, Research and Art of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Theresia Bauer, as well as the mayor of Heidelberg Professor Eckart Würzner are supporting the run. ‘For the 6th time the participants have the chance to support the cancer research at one of the best locations in Europe’, animates Bauer everyone to participate.

As of now the registration is open for individual participants or groups. Interested persons can register until July 5 directly on the NCT website by following the link www.anmeldung.nct-lauf.de. Those who register until June 18 get their personalized start number sent by post. If you register after 18.06., ypu can pick up your start number on the following time durations:  5/16/2017 12am – 7pm Uhr (NCT), 5/16/2017 7:30 am – 2pm (NCT), 5/16/2017 from 9 am (outside of NCT).There is the option for spontaneous participants to even sign up in the list of participants on site at the event-date. Adults pay 16.50, pupils 5.00 Euros, children born up to the year 2011 can attend the run free of charge. The participation in the 11 km run is charged with 18.00 Euros, the half-marathon costs 21.00 Euros, thus 1.00 Euro per Kilometer. Those who wish can also pay a higher amount per kilometer in support of the cancer research at the NCT. All information and backgrounds, the use of the donations and the sponsors will be assembled at the website www.nct-lauf.de.Public transport for freeTo make the participation even less complicated and more comfortable, the runners can use with their start number the whole transport association of the VRN at the day of the run for free. The station ‘Studentenwohnheim’ is directly located at start and finish. Those who register at least until June 18 get their start number sent via post and can arrive by bus and train free of costs.

Key data & time table
Date: Friday, 7th of July 2017
Registration deadline: 5th of July until 11:59 pm at www.nct-lauf.de
Registration for last-minute participants (only cash payment) is still possible at July 7 (half-marathon and 11 km run: 25 Euros and NCT round course: 20 Euros)
Participation fee: NCT round course: 16.50 Euros adults, 5.00 Euros pupilsin advance:  NCT 11 km against cancer: 18.00 Euros, NCT half marathon: minimum price 1.00 Euro per kilometer, 21.00 EurosRoute round course: 2.7 kilometers round course, flat, free of traffic, supply with beveragesRoute 11 km: on agricultural roads towards Ladenburg, turning point close to Dossenheimer sluiceRoute half-marathon: on streets and dirt tracks until Ladenburg, across Schwabenheimer Hof along the Neckar back to the NCT
Start and finish:  Im Neuenheimer Feld 460, in front of the NCT, also for half-marathon and 11 km run
Catering/board: international delicacies, also vegan and vegetarian, beverages
Music:The Wright Thing
Moderation:Tom Haberer
Contact: Jörg Fleckenstein, phone: 06221 56-5755, joerg.fleckenstein@nct-heidelberg.de

6:00 pm: Start half marathon and 11 km run
6:15 pm: Start round course
6:30 pm: The Wright Thing
9:00 pm: End of time measurement
10:00 pm: End of the event

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