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IT Project with SAP gives us the technological lead

Medical success today more than ever is based on a powerful and expandable IT infrastructure. With the NCT DataThereHouse, the NCT has developed a scientific novel database that allows data from various sources to be pooled and analyzed. This speeds up the overall work at the NCT, i.e. to translate state-of-the-art scientific evidence specifically into diagnostics, therapy, prevention of cancer and clinical studies.

The DataThereHouse is a Memory Database for clinical and scientific use. Even complex queries are carried out at high speed.

It requests data from four source systems:

  • IS-H med, which is the clinical information system of the Heidelberg University Hospital with the treatment data of all cancer patients from the University Hospital
  • the NCT’s clinical cancer registry with approx. 180,000 datasets
  • Ulice, a database that documents radiological therapies in great detail as well as
  • the NCT Biobank, recording availability of biological and medical samples
NCT DataThereHouse

We are currently preparing to involve further sources such as the DKFZ genome database, individual study databases and the NCT counseling services screening database.

As a user platform the NCT DataThereHouse thus allows medical staff to prepare independent group-specific analyses.  At a later stage, a patient-related view will be realized. This will enable us to search in real time unstructured data such as physicians’ reports and structured data like laboratory results, and to extract the relevant results. The NCT DataThereHouse is also going to be an analysis tool for genome data.

An integrated safety and pseudonymisation concept which was developed especially at the NCT guarantees fulfillment of ethical requirements with regard to pseudonymisation and anonymization of the data. This allows us to also use the database in a scientific context and the knowledge gained can benefit our patients directly.

Further expansion plans of the NCT DataThereHouse involve bidirectional use: Information from the data sources would be made available to other integrated information providers. The documentation quality of individual systems would improve as a result.  The NCT DataThereHouse was developed in close cooperation with SAP, using their technology platform SAP HANA. As a result, SAP's project partners the DKFZ and the NCT have acquired a substantial technological advantage in the field of medical IT infrastructure.