NCT Heidelberg


The NCT is the first German cancer center in the style of a Comprehensive Cancer Center. Designated as an oncological center of excellence, the NCT is held in high national and international esteem. In order to renew this recognition time and again, it is part of NCT’s culture to continuously set new benchmarks and to promote innovations.

Taking our mission seriously: Life without cancer

We are experts for interdisciplinary patient care and excellent cancer research. It is our aim to understand cancer better, detect it earlier, provide targeted treatment, and effectively prevent it. We translate state-of-the-art scientific evidence specifically into diagnostics, therapy and prevention of cancer.

Onwards and upwards

The NCT views its leadership position as a starting point and not a destination. We set ourselves ambitious goals only to exceed our own expectations time and again. We want to be the best in our field and to set standards.

And this success is built on the professionalism of our employees as well as our productive, interdisciplinary working methods. Our goal is to develop an individualized cancer medicine with targeted personalized therapies for every patient at the NCT.

Driving Personalized Medicine

With this goal in mind the NCT precision oncology program was founded, which together with the Heidelberg Center for Personalized Oncology (DKFZ-HIPO) is preparing the ground for innovative concepts and projects in personalized oncology. It set about its task with the intention to simplify molecular diagnostics in order to advance personalized medicine. As a  platform for genomics and bioinformatics, it is especially dedicated to clinical translation.


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NCT DataThereHouse as a scientific novelty

The NCT DataThereHouse is a significant innovation for the NCT. It is a scientific novelty that does not exist on the market yet: This central database is able to generate a working copy of all patient-related datasets from various types of IT sources. This helps to efficiently collect, evaluate and collate molecular and clinical data for clinical decision-making and translational research.

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