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MeyenburgStiftung - Cancer Research Award Symposium

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11/10/2015, 14:30 - 18:15
Staff, Interested public, EN, Symposium

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The Meyenburg Foundation

In 1975, Maria Meyenburg, widow of leather manufacturer Wilhelm Meyenburg from Krempe in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, decreed in her will that a foundation is established in support of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. In addition to the sizeable Meyenburg Prize, which has been awarded annually since 1981, the foundation operates a guest house for foreign scientists in Heidelberg and has supported a lecture series with  renowned scientists from the field of cancer research. The prize, which is currently worth 50,000 €, is awarded for outstanding achievements in cancer research.

The Meyenburg Award Winners:

Werner W. Franke (1981)
Holger Kirchner and Volker Schirrmacher (1982/83)
Lutz Gissmann (1984)
Volker Sturm (1985)
Karin Mölling (1986)
Mary Osborn (1987)
Elisabeth Gateff (1988)
Peter Herrlich (1989)
Rainer Storb (1990)
Hans-Georg Rammensee (1991)
Walter Birchmeier (1992)
Johannes Gerdes (1993)
Gert Riethmüller (1994)
David P. Lane (1995)
Peter Krammer (1996)
Yuan Chang and Patrick S. Moore (1997)
Richard D. Wood (1998)
Carl-Henrik Heldin (1999)
Matthias Mann (2000)
Shoichiro Tsukita (2001)
Andrew Z. Fire (2002)
Erich A. Nigg (2004)
Thomas Tuschl (2005)
Elizabeth H. Blackburn (2006)
Shinya Yamanaka (2007)
Hans Clevers (2008)
Brian Druker (2009)
Alan Ashworth (2010)
Stefan Hell (2011)
Charles Mullighan (2012)
Nathanael Gray (2013)
Peter Campbell (2014)