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Immunotherapy in Lymphoma: At the dawn of a new era – International Symposium

This event has expired!

Physicians, Scientists, Staff, EN, Symposium

Although the therapeutic options for malignant lymphoma have increased remarkably over the last two decades, there are still many patients who finally die from resistant disease. Currently, numerous effective immunotherapeutic modalities are entering the field which may have the potential to revolutionize the lymphoma treatment landscape, the most exciting being checkpoint inhibitors and chimeric antigen-engineered T-cells.

The Department of Medicine V of the University of Heidelberg has a long-standing record of lymphoma patient care and research and has made important practice-changing contributions, including the global introduction of autologous stem cell transplantation for lymphoma treatment. In this tradition we would like to cordially invite you to an international scientific symposium on immunotherapy in lymphoma. We are
proud that we can present you an outstanding faculty of international experts who will highlight recent advances and discuss future perspectives of immunotherapy in lymphoma management, but also the economic burden modern immunotherapy may cause.

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