NCT Patient Advisory Committee

Assistance for questions and suggestions

The Patient Advisory Committee aids patients in raising their questions and expressing their desires related to NCT. The committee has six spokespersons: experienced active participants from oncologic self-help groups and patients at NCT.

The spokespersons as neutral and independent partners are available to help everyone quickly forward their concerns to the appropriate place. The committee regularly discusses suggestions for improvements and ideas with the NCT management and develops corresponding measures, such as improving communication between patients and physicians or within patient care. In addition, the Patient Advisory Council is available to scientists and physicians at the NCT Heidelberg for the planning of clinical research projects.

The Heidelberg Self-help Office coordinates and manages the Patient Advisory Committee.

You may contact the NCT Patient Advisory Committee at:


Spokespersons of the Patient Advisory Committee

Annette Hans

Self-help group for lung cancer patients, Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Ursula Kiepe

NCT patient representative

Christa Knebel

Self-help group leukemia and lymphoma help, Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Wolfgang Oberhausen

Self-help group mouth, jaw, palate tumors

Brigitte Reimann

Self-help group multiple myelom

Imke Veit-Schirmer

NCT patient representative