NCT Patient Advisory Committee

Assistance for questions and suggestions

The Patient Advisory Committee aids patients in raising their questions and expressing their desires related to NCT. The committee has six spokespersons: experienced active participants from oncologic self-help groups and patients at NCT.

The spokespersons as neutral and independent partners are available to help everyone quickly forward their concerns to the appropriate place. The committee regularly discusses suggestions for improvements and ideas with the NCT management and develops corresponding measures, such as improving communication between patients and physicians or within patient care. The Heidelberg Self-help Office coordinates and manages the Patient Advisory Committee.

You may contact the NCT Patient Advisory Committee at:


Spokespersons of the Patient Advisory Committee

Gertrud-Elisabeth Bonifer | Patient representative

„As a patient of the NCT I am always allowed to gain most diverse experiences and witness various complex situations. This motivated me to take over an active part in the patient advisory committee. I advocate a cooperative dialogue with all parties as well as the finding of amicable solutions. The mutual appreciation in the whole process is as indispensable as the protection of interests of all involved persons.”

Jan Fischer | Patient representative, kidney cancer self-help group

„I appreciate the establishment of a patient advisory committee as a for the patients easily reachable institution to bring forward questions and suggestions about processes in the NCT. As a longtime patient of the NCT, I would like to help patients to orient themselves in the thicket of oncological medical care. Since we have a close connection with the head of the NCT and since they provide us information, we have the possibility to optimize the patient-friendliness further.”

Annette Hans | Self-help group in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region for lung cancer patients and their families

„My goal is to champion the rights and needs of those patients who are unable to do so themselves. The Patient Advisory Committee is intended to act as a voice for patients and their families in order to communicate suggestions and praise to those responsible at NCT and vice versa. I do not need any specific motivation because I enjoy helping, or at least try to, and I rely on good cooperation with NCT.”

Christa Knebel | Leukemia and lymphoma help, Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

„It is a particular concern of mine, as a member of the patient advisory committee, to function as a link between patients and doctors. Since I myself am incurably ill, I understand the fears and problems of these patients very well. I am very happy to be able to act as an intermediary with empathy and dedication.”

Anne Müller | Patient representative, BRCA discussion group familial breast cancer and ovarian cancer Sinsheim

„As spokesperson of the patient advisory committee of the NCT, I see myself as a mediator between the physicians and the patients. The aim is to achieve an optimal patient care, to provide guidance to the patients and to encourage them to express ambiguities. I would like to assist on this issue.

Imke Veit-Schirmer | Patient representative

„I was a patient of the NCT in 2016. In general I always felt safe and in very good hands especially regarding the medical care, but concerning the communication between physician and patient, the manner of information sharing as well as the organization of appointments, there would be a lot of improvement possible. To that I would like to contribute.