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The physical activation of cancer patients through systematic physical training can positively affect the body, psyche, and the social environment. Scientific studies demonstrate that complications and side effects resulting from medical treatment may be alleviated and that a physically active lifestyle is associated with a better prognosis.

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Physical Activity, Sports and Cancer

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The idea

The OnkoAktiv network is coordinated by the NCT Heidelberg, conceptionally developed in close cooperation with the "Krebsverband Baden-Württemberg e. V." (cancer association Baden-Württemberg e. V.) and supported by the "Sportregion Rhein-Neckar". OnkoAktiv sees itself as an integrating network and does not aspire to reinvent existing programs or structures.

The cooperating institutions of the network, however, observe defined quality standards which promote appropriate professional treatment and care. Those eligible to join include rehabilitation institutions, commercial health providers (fitness studios offering therapeutic sports programs and sports and physiotherapy practices), sports clubs and associations with oncologic programs and corresponding qualifications, as well as oncologic centers/institutions, established oncologic practices, and any other supporters. All those taking part in OnkoAktiv see themselves as pioneers in the network-oriented physical therapy work with oncologic patients. In addition, there are three OnkoAktiv Centers, which independently recruit further training and therapy institutions. These are the Hospital of Coburg (since 2017), the Northwest Hospital Frankfurt (since 2017) and the Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf (since 2019).


    • Primary goal of OnkoAktiv is to construct a network for people with cancer that allows them to exercise in quality-controlled training and therapy institutions close to their homes.
    • Within this network, OnkoAktiv intends to promote an exchange between sports and physical therapy, sports science, medicine, healthcare, further oncologic/medical professional and self-help groups.
    • Moreover, the network would also like to create a platform for conducting scientific studies.

      Membership in the network

      Training centers which meet defined quality criteria may enter into a cooperative association with the network. Sports clubs, medical practices, hospitals, associations, self-help groups and private individuals who would like to get involved can support the networking activities of the association as sponsoring members. Institutions which are recruiting training facilities in their own area and expanding the network according to the concept of OnkoAktiv become OnkoAktiv centers themselves.

      Members participate in the activities and development of the network and may take part in the continuing education programs of OnkoAktiv.

      Board of the association "OnkoAktiv am NCT Heidelberg e. V."

      1. Chair: Prof. Dr. Elke Jäger
      2. Chair: Martin Höpfner
      3. Chair: PD Dr. Joachim Wiskemann
      4. Chair: Dr. Matthias Zimmermann
      Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Friederike Rosenberger
      Secretary: Beate Biazeck


      We would like to thank BASF SE for the long-standing support as the main sponsor of the OnkoAktiv network.

      OnkoAktiv is the first network of its kind. Our pioneering work relies on donations. Every donation contributes to building the network and developing its activities. Thank you for your contribution! If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact Beate Biazeck/Franziska Quirmbach via e-mail: onkoaktiv@nct-heidelberg.de.

      Our bank account for donations:

      Verein Onko Aktiv am NCT Heidelberg e.V.
      Volksbank Kurpfalz H+G Bank eG
      BIC: GENODE61HD3
      IBAN: DE74 6729 0100 0066 0657 07

      If you wish to obtain a donation receipt, please provide your name and your full address.