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NCT Seminar Series - Title: Single-Molecule Studies by Using a Modified DNA Sequencer

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28.07.2017, 11:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
Ärzte, Wissenschaftler, Mitarbeiter, EN, Vortrag

Currently, Dr. Sobek is a research scientist at the Functional Genomics Center in Zurich working mainly on
microarrays including surface coating, surface-plasmon resonance, and single-moleculeexperiments. In particular, he is interested in the development of single-molecule applications using our modified DNA sequencer.

In his talk Dr. Sobek will show how a modied DNA sequencer can be used for single-molecule studies. He will present results of an interaction study for determination of reaction rate constants and the investigation of chemical reactions monitored at single-molecule level. Dr. Sobek will also give a short introduction into single-molecule sequencing as the basis of the construction of single-molecule microarrays and the investigation of chemical modifications of nucleobases.