vom 02.11.2015

MS Access Database to track study status in complex clinical trials

In clinical trials, continuous tracking of trial status is essential to monitor study progress and, if necessary, initiate corrective actions. Moreover, status information requiring subsequent actions has to be communicated to the responsible person(s) in a timely manner, and the whole study team needs to be kept up-to-date on a regular basis.

For this purpose, the data managers of the NCT Trial Center have developed a multifunctional MS Access database. This Tracking Database facilitates – in combination with an intelligently organized Case Report Form (CRF) – continuous and efficient monitoring, summarization and communication of status information for complex clinical trials.

During a trial, numerous status messages are send to the NCT Trial Center for all patients from several clinical sites. All this status information is collected in the Tracking Database. Based on this information, the database automatically

  • generates a unique, consecutive patient ID taking into account all clinical sites,
  • distributes status information via e-mail to the corresponding partners
  • generates reports to summarize status information including all patients and/or events and distributes these reports to the corresponding partners

Handling and processing of all this status information can hardly be achieved manually.

The Tracking Database can be adapted in a trial-specific manner for trials supported by the NCT Trial Center. Find more details regarding the database (in German) here»