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NCT Department of Preventive Oncology
(Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ulrich) 
The Department of Preventive Oncology at NCT, the first in Germany, coordinates cancer prevention research and NCT cancer prevention activities. In research, the department leads studies of genetic susceptibility, gene-environment interactions and pharmacogenetics, with the goal of enabling tailored prevention strategies and personalized cancer treatment. The department explores and evaluates new methods for early detection.  An important goal is tertiary cancer prevention, specifically, the development of scientifically based guidelines for clinicians and cancer patients on chemopreventive and health behavior changes to improve prognosis and quality of life. The department’s activities are highly translational and are based on close cooperation with oncologists. The department leads several randomized-controlled trials investigating the role of exercise in reducing treatment side effects and prognosis. It also offers scientifically based performance testing and exercise programs for NCT cancer patients and oversees NCT’s prevention activities.

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